Color Lesson: Learn about color and create a winter landscape

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Ages 8+

In this winter tree-inspired project students study the art element color.

In this winter tree-inspired project students study the art element of Color. 

Materials Needed

a pencil
paper, watercolor is best but any kind will work
paint, watercolor is best but acrylic will work also
a brush
paper towels

Step 1. Review the color families of Primary and Secondary Colors and Intermediate and Related Colors by looking at the color wheel below.

Intermediate Colors are made by mixing one primary and one secondary together. For example, Yellow (Primary) + Green (Secondary) = Yellow-Green/Lime Green (Intermediate)

A Related Color family is a group of colors found next to one another on the color wheel.  Usually made up of a Primary, Secondary, and Intermediate Color. For example: Blue (Primary) + Blue-Violet (Intermediate) + Violet (Secondary).

Step 2.  Sketch a large circle in the middle of your paper, and three pine trees on the bottom lightly with your pencil. Make each tree a different height. (See example above.)

Step 3. Practice using your paint to create the three colors you chose by mixing your colors on a piece of paper.

Step 4. Create a circle with the three colors you chose. Make sure the colors in each circle are next to each other on the color wheel (See example above.)

Fill in the sky with the color you used on the outside making it lighter with water as it gets closer to the edge of the paper.

Let the paint dry.

Step 5: Practice painting the pine trees on a separate piece of paper, with black paint. Once you are happy with your results paint them over your colorful sky painting. 

Step 6: Then since it is a winter-inspired painting add white paint for snow on the tree branches and flick the brush over the surface so it looks like it’s snowing.

Step Seven: Take a photo of your winter landscape painting and share it with us by tagging the MAC on social media and using #ArtShareMAC, or email us your photo to and we will share it for you!


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