Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a complete martial arts system generally recognized for its slow, circular movements. It has become increasingly popular as a low intensity exercise that helps practitioners improve core strength and flexibility while learning to relax. 

The Harvard Center for Translational Research in Mobility and Falls has correlated Tai Chi Chuan to a reduction in falls and improved overall physical performance.

The first 60 minutes of class will be dedicated to lessons on the 108 Movements Form. The remaining 30 minutes will be for self-guided practice, during which I will provide 1-on-1 tips and guidance.


Dedicated Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. Studied for more than a decade with the family of Gin Soon Chu, the only disciple of Yang Sau Chung in the US. Focused on the martial side of the complete system, including the rare Yang Chung Chuan “Long Boxing” Form. Experienced leader and educator with more than eleven years of experience as a nonprofit executive director.

CHAMPIONSHIP MEDALIST ICMAC New England Tournament | October 2017

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