Art in the Windows 2016: Up in the Air

Art in the Windows

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The Milton Art Center is proud to announce the 4th annual Art in the Windows Community Art Project for Young Artists currently on display at 15 sites in Milton through the end of June 2016.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Milton Woman’s Club, and the Falconi Companies, the Milton Art Center was able to extend this free art program to 183 children and teens.  This year’s increased funding meant no one was left on a waiting list. 

 The theme, Up in the Air, was taken from Milton residents concerns with air traffic overhead in Milton. The children responded with dragonflies, rainbows, flowers, birds, bees, bats, baseballs, hot air balloons, clouds, rain and giant alliums, decorated trees, breath, pinwheels, reading, a zeppelin, pig and a monkey, an aerial view of tiny Milton.

We are grateful to all who have responded by social media and emails with appreciative comments and support. We love hearing that a 4 year old thinks the trees on Edge Hill look like they are going to a party and that the art brought smiles to many.

You, the audience are an important part of this project; your positive comments and appreciation let the young artists know they made a positive impact on their community. Our mission at the art center is connecting people through the power of the arts. Thank you for helping us strengthen those bonds so our young people feel connected and appreciated for their creativity and ideas.

Art in the Windows, the Milton Art Center's children's public art project has 15 projects across Milton this year. The site locations are: 1st Congregational Church Yard, Cunningham Park Fence, Cunningham School Outdoor Garden Fence, East Milton Deck, Falconi Parking Lot, Milton Art Center Front lawn, Milton Public Library Children’s Room, Milton Public Library Front Lawn, Town Hall Tree, and Turner’s Pond Walkway. 

Check out the Art in the Windows Art Project location map

AIW 2016 Sponsors, Teachers and Supporters

Click the title of each project below for details on each project and the teams that created them:

1. The Mason Bee Home Project / Brownie Troop 85439 /  East Milton Deck                            

2. Recycled Sunflower / Daisy Troop 69226 / East Milton Deck

3. Dragonfly Rainbow / Daisy Troop 69210  /  The Fruit Center Marketplace Window     

4. Fireworks and Cityscape /  St. Agatha 1st Grade Daisy Group, Troop#  69224  / Falconi Office Building Parking Lot 

5. Breathe /  Girl Scout Troop 81324 /  Cunningham School Outdoor Garden Fence

6. Tree Jubilee / Milton Friends, 8 and 9 years old / Edge Hill Road, Center of Street Trees

7. Flower Fans / Brownie Troop 76177 / Milton Art Center, Front lawn

8. Tiny Milton - Big Ideas / St. Agatha School Brownie Troop 76064 / East Milton Deck  

9. Scenes of Milton / The CC&G Art Factory / Cunningham Park Fence

10. Reach For The Sky /  St. Agatha Boy Scout Troop 5 / Milton Public Library Front Lawn

11. Turner's Pond Bird and Bat Banners / Brownie Troop 75351 / Turner’s Pond on Path

12. Roy G Biv /  Kindergarten Daisy Troop 62241 /  East Milton Deck 

13. Sky's the limit! Reading is in the Air! / Girl Scout Troop 75390 / Milton Public Library, Children’s Room

14. To The Clouds and Beyond / Brownie Troop 86169 / Milton Town Hall  

15. Taking Flight Through the Storm  Brownie Troop 76178 / First Congregational Church Yard                    



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