Art in the Windows 2016
9/25 Anti-Gun Violence Concert @MAC
Art in the Windows 2016 Flower Fans
Art in the Windows 2016

The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

The Milton Art Center will be hosting the South of Boston chapter of the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence event, Sunday Afternoon 9/25/2016 featuring:

Dennis Brennan, Jennifer Kimball, Allysen Callery, Aaron Lippert, Franc Graham, The Wolff Sisters,  Lower Falls

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On Sunday, September 25, 2016, we will remember the victims of America’s gun violence epidemic with 

The Concert Across America,

a series of live events from coast to coast.

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Save the Milton Art Center

Sign the petition: 

We are Milton residents who strongly oppose any plan to locate a Fire Station at the site of the Milton Art Center in East Milton. 

While we have great respect and appreciation for our Fire Fighters and public safety, we are joined in strenuous opposition to the proposed location plans for a new station in East Milton.

The Milton Art Center has been welcomed and supported by the immediate neighborhood and plays a critical role bringing the arts to community life. The impact upon the neighborhood quality of life,  residential appearance and resident property values would be substantial and destructive.

While we understand the desire for the Town to improve the station in East Milton, this proposed location is entirely unacceptable and will have a devastating impact upon a large number of residents – through the destruction of a beloved and beautiful neighborhood, and the dismantling of the Milton Art Center, which is perfectly suited for the site and is an important civic institution. We urge the Town to immediately abandon this proposal and commit the site to the Milton Art Center.

Art in the Windows 2016: Up in the Air

Art in the Windows

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The Milton Art Center is proud to announce the 4th annual Art in the Windows Community Art Project for Young Artists currently on display at 15 sites in Milton through the end of June 2016.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Milton Woman’s Club, and the Falconi Companies, the Milton Art Center was able to extend this free art program to 183 children and teens.  This year’s increased funding meant no one was left on a waiting list. 

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