A Conversation with the Hilarious Hometown Comedian, Corey Rodrigues

Corey Rodrigues

By Joan Clifford, Executive Director


In anticipation of his upcoming comedy show at the Milton Art Center on Saturday, November 25th, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Corey Rodrigues, a proud Milton native and highly sought-after comedian. Known for his national touring performances in colleges, clubs, and corporate events, Corey has garnered numerous comedy awards and even made appearances on esteemed shows like Conan O’Brien. Joining him on stage are fellow talented comedians Mike Whitman, Jim Bowes, Pat Cogan, and host Erin Lynch – all with their own roots in Milton. Mike Whitman is excited that this will be his third comedy show that he can walk to!

Joan: With shows lined up at UConn tonight and Las Vegas next week, do you ever get nervous before performing?

Corey: Nervous might not be the right word; I’d say the word is anxious or maybe angst.I care about the situation, delivering a great performance. Mostly I feel like I just want to get going, get out there on stage – let  the whistle blow, let’s go! 

Joan: How did you discover your talent for stand-up comedy?

Corey: I don’t know how I have this unique skill, how do surgeons know they can handle blood? Some things just come naturally. I don’t know how to break down the way my brain works, what that is, but I nurture it. You have to pay attention to it like any skill. Comedians are going through life, just like everyone else, and using what comes up for them, dealing with personal losses or everyday conversations.   If an idea pops up in a  conversation or a dream; I jot it down quickly using my phone.

Joan: Was stand-up comedy always your career path? Or did you work various jobs before finding success?

Corey: I studied criminal justice in school and  worked at a juvenile facility for violent offenders. For three years I worked as a long term substitute teacher in Boston. I’ve worked as a bartender, a waiter, I cut hair, (Corey’s extended family owned 12-13 barbershops in the Boston area)- I’m meant to deal with people.  I’m happiest helping and dealing with people. I’ve worked with some waiters who get irritated at some customer who is asking for ice …I’m like “get the customer ice! Literally that’s our job! People come to a restaurant to be served, don’t complain about it!”

Joan: You have appeared in commercials and a Netflix streaming show, Salesman, (with fellow Milton comedian, Will Noonan), do you enjoy acting?

Corey: Working on “Salesman” was an incredible learning experience for me. The project allowed two to three of us to contribute our creative thoughts to the script. Looking back now, I wish I had injected more of my own thinking into it.  It was an amazing opportunity that taught me so much about acting. Given the chance, I would love to explore more acting opportunities.

The Milton Art Center is excited to welcome Corey Rodrigues, Mike Whitman, Jim Bowes, Pat Cogan, and host Erin Lynch for the homecoming comedy show. The first show at 8pm sold out but a second show at 6pm,11/25, is being added at 6pm for all who would like an opportunity to come cheer on these impressive Miltonians, home for the holidays! For tickets and information, check out Miltonartcenter.org/comedy.