Teaching Artists, Art Exhibit, October 6-December 1, 2023

art exhibit

art exhibit

The public is invited to an opening reception, Teaching Artists, a First Friday event, October 6, 6-9pm, at the Milton Art Center at 334 Edge Hill Road in Milton.  This exhibit showcases the art of the artists who teach at the Milton Art Center. View the art of Marjorie Saintil-Belizaire, Mairead Dambruch, Camille DeMarco, Sue Hoy, Scott Love, Katherine Jordan, Laurinda OConnor, Kate Ollerhead-Galvin and Joan Clifford. Music by Dark Crushes. First Friday events are free and family friendly.

Teaching artists bridge the gap between art and education, sharing their expertise and passion with students while continuing to pursue their own artistic journeys. They play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of artists and fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts in our community.

Artists who teach what they love are creative individuals who combine their passion for their art form, whether it be painting, pastels, multimedia, clay, photography or more with a commitment to education.

Finding the balance between their personal art practice and teaching responsibilities can be a challenge

for teaching artists. They often juggle their own creative projects with working with students. This balancing act can be rewarding but difficult.

Camille DeMarco, who teaches TAB, Teaching for Artistic Behavior, notes that, Ive learned to switch between roles, adapting my mindset from educator to artist and back again. Theres a delicate equilibrium that, when achieved, brings a profound sense of contentment, knowing that I am nurturing young talents and my own creative spirit simultaneously.”

Camille DeMarco specializes in botanical and nature watercolors and prints. She reflects on how our natural world is affected by humans in her installations.

Marjorie Saintil-Belizaires art comes from her unique perspective on life in Haitian and American culture. She is inspired by African masks, Haitian folk art, and cubism. She uses different techniques to create art that depicts people, nature, animals, mood and energy.

Mairead Dambruch is a painter and weaver informed by research in cultural textiles, herbalism, and anthropology. She focuses on imagination in her classes and creates collaborative spaces for students to talk, imagine, make friends, and create.

Sue Hoy specializes in painting and clay work. She believes all art making helps one to think outside the box. Sue has been teaching children and adults for over 15 years.

Scott Love loves teaching screen printing and creating abstract art. Scott prints all the summer camp t-shirts at the art center and owns and operates a branding design/sign company.

Katherine Jordan, KJ, is an artist, art therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She utilizes various forms of artistic expression and believes in the power of creative process to express thoughts and feelings.

Kate Ollerhead-Galvin is a painter and photographer with a background in mental health counseling with a focus on working with children. She strives to provide a comfortable classroom environment that instills a love for art.

Laurinda OConnor is an award-winning pastel artist capturing landscapes with simplified strokes of color and line. She conducts master classes, workshops and demonstrations nationwide. Laurinda is a signature member and gallerist in addition to teaching K-8 at St. Mary of the Hills and the art center.

Joan Clifford teaches photography at Quincy College and the art center. As a teacher and executive director she enjoys encouraging students to discover their creative potential.

Teaching artists provide guidance and encouragement to students to experiment, take risks, and think outside the box. They know the value of art in their own creative lives. They are actively involved in their local community, working in schools, art centers and organizations to bring art education to people because they understand they know  this contributes to a happier life and  community.

Join us at this free and family friendly reception with food and music by the Dark Crushes. Come meet these talented teaching artists.