Create a Crayon Resist Watercolor Painting

as_watercolor resist

The watercolor paint will not adhere or stick to the resisted areas. Watercolor is a transparent medium and will contrast with the resist areas because crayon is an opaque medium. It looks cool!

What you’ll need:



Water Color Paints (preferably dark colors)

Paint Brush

Crayons (preferably light color crayons, even white)

Step One: Start by drawing your design in pencil.

Step Two: Trace over the lines where you do not want the watercolor to be in your white or light-colored crayon. 

Step Three: Wet the paper where you want the watercolor to be then layer your watercolor paint on. (This technique is called wet-on-wet) 

Step Four: Add more paint over your first layer. You can see that the paint does not adhere or stick to the lines that are made of crayons. 

Step Five: Take a photo of your painting and share it with us by tagging the MAC on social media and using #ArtShareMAC!, or email us your photo to and we will share it for you!


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